Fish Species

Flyfish One of the many reasons that makes trips with Carpentaria Seafaris an adventure fishing holiday of a lifetime and just part of what keeps our regular clients coming back is the variety of fish species available. Anglers who collect fish species on a catch list, have recorded a staggering sixty three different species caught in a one week trip. From the fresh water reaches of any of the seven rivers we visit, through their mangrove reaches, to the estuaries and coastal flats, or the near and far reefs, the variety is incredible and the choice is yours as to what you want to catch.

Large Spanish Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Coral trout, Red Emperor and Nannygai on the reefs, Permit, Queenfish, Golden Trevally and Giant Herring on the flats, Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks in the snags and the prehistoric beautiful Saratoga in the fresh water, all this can be achieved in a day, but why? Click to enlarge - Saratoga You have the whole week to pursue these magnificent tropical sport fish, in the comfort of our skiffs and with the support of our guides and mothership. There is nowhere you can catch as many fish and different fish, as on the west coast of Cape York with Carpentaria Seafaris.

Check our fishing calendar as a guide to when each of the species are biting.

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