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Updated 11th May 2011
Carpentaria Seafaris has fishing equipment available and rods and reels for anglers to use. A selection of lures is also available to purchase aboard. Most anglers have there own equipment and we recommend bringing your choice of fishing tackle and use ours to supplement or in case you loose or break your own.

You will need lures if you are a lure fisher and flys if a fly fisher. Most all quality lures and salt water flys are fine, the selections below are for an "all round" fishing experience. Numbers of each would change if you want to favor a specific style of angling (ie. specific barra fishing). Depending on your luck, or lack there of you will probably be left with 80% of these (with the finish severely degraded). Lures and flys are available from home town tackle stores from the internet or in Cairns on your way to us. addresses, phone numbers and directions follow.

Substitutions to recommendations are fine, but reels, rods and lures you have had since the sixties are nowhere near as good or as reasonably priced as ones produced today.

If you would like to visit tackle stores in Cairns, Tom, and Peter at CAIRNS TACKLE WORLD on the corner of Scott and Aumuller streets are the guys to see, a short taxi ride from your hotel or give them a call for collection 4031 4040. If you require any big-ticket items (like Felty fly reels) email them to ensure stock, cairnstackle@bigpond.com. Be sure and mention us for our trade discount. Tom also offers an after hours service, 4055 1339.

ERSKINES TACKLE is another store, situated behind the Central Shopping Center on Mulgrave road, a shorter taxi ride or a nice walk from your accommodation (8 blocks). erskines@bigpond.com

Numbers below are advised requirements. Some more of some lures or flys mentioned is advisable depending on the style of fishing you prefer and your proficiency level. The list is for an all rounder with no lures or flys wanting to experience all of the readily available fishing. Substitutions and equivalents as mentioned are OK, but the lures and flys listed are the BEST. Lures from stores are cheaper than purchasing from our onboard stock.

Conventional tackle The first Reels and rods mentioned are higher end, come down in models mentioned to a price point you are comfortable with. These are examples only there are too many quality models to mention all.
First or only rod / reel combination would be. Shimano Stella 6000FA or Twinpower or Diawa Saltiga Z4500H or Penn spinfisher with matching Nitro, TCurve Saltaga or Ugly Stik rod with 50lb braided gelspun. Not fused gelspun.
Second rod or if you prefer lighter tackle. 4000 Shimano Stella or Diawa Saltiga and 7 foot rod to suit. T-Curve salt spin 5-10kg, or Nitro magnum butt with 30lb braided gelspun. Not fused gelspun.
Baitcaster outfit with 30 gelspun if you have one and your passion is plug casting.

Lures West coast
10 x 40 gm slices (Halco Mr. Twister, Raider, castmaster, crippled herring)
2 x 5m Halco 190 Laser pro. Gold. Chrome colors. (R11, R15, R19, R21, R1, R3, R7)
2 x crazy deep Halco 190 Laser pro. Gold. Chrome colors. (R11, R15, R19, R21, R1, R3, R7)
2 x RMG Scorpions 5m (NOT 8m) (R11, R15, R19, R21 )
3 x Tilsan Barra assorted colors including Mango Jaffer and PP Tiger (T105, T112, T113, T116, T109)
2 x Gold Bombers Long A 1/2 oz B15AXMK-HD with VMC hooks.
2 x 135mm and 2 x 105mm Halco Roosta Popper Chrome colors. (R11, R15, R19, R21, R1, R3, R7)
Other barra lures and assorted soft plastics 75mm to 110mm if you have them.
1 x 30' spool 69lb single strand wire
3 packets medium brass rings
Small spool (100m) 35lb snider line

Pink Thing Saltwater Fly Fly tackle
8 - 9 -10 weight rod with #9 the best and a quality reel to match like a Felty 911.
Backed with 30 lb Dacron or gelspun and a quality intermediate clear fly line like a SA Tropic Core Striper taper, far and away the best. A sinking shooting head line over a 10 weight rod is your second choice rod. If you have other salt water capable rods and reels 7 to 12 weight and they fit in the tube bring them also.

3/0, 2/0 and 1/0 chartreuse over white, pink over white, blue over white and white over white clousers.
An assortment 2/0 and 3/0 Pink things, and whistlers, 2/0 Surf candys, and 3/0 poppers. 3/0 and 2/0 Feltys suspender crabs.
Merkin crabs 2/0 and 1/0 tan and cream. A total of 3 dozen flys would suffice.
Small spool 16 and 20lb fluorocarbon.

The lure attrition on these trips is very high, you need a lot of lures and you need to be fishing at least 50lb braid line (80 is better) on a quality medium heavy to heavy spin outfit capable of handling same. We do not carry lure stocks to the levels required for all anglers on these trips you must bring your own lures. Anglers on all previous GBR trips have lost as much listed and more (and caught loads of big fish as well). One heavy (80lb) spin out fit is enough. One heavy, and one med/heavy spin (50lb), or a heavy or medium heavy spin and a med overhead troll /Jig (80lb) out fit if you want 2 rods. The high end, high speed spin reels cast ability and high speed retrieve is an advantage over the overhead equivalents.

These lists are compiled as if someone were to buy gear just for the trip. The rods and reels are the high end, lower priced ones might, and probably will suffice, but could fail on you. You really need high the end models for the Barrier reef trips. You don't need much more than what's listed, your traditional blue water gear you can also bring if you like, mindful of the strict 25 kilo baggage allowance. If a lure color is listed it's important.

Rods and reels
First rod. Shimano Stella 10000FA or Diawa Saltiga Z6500 Dog fight with matching Nitro Godzilla, TCurve, Saltiga or rod with 80lb braided gelspun.
Second rod. Shimano Stella 6000FA or Diawa Saltiga Z4500H with matching TCurve or Stella rod with 60lb braided gelspun.

Lures Minimum
12 (total) x 130mm Halco Roosta popper. Gold, Pink and Yellow, Blue chrome.
4 x 210mm Halco Roosta poppers. Same colors.
3 x 200mm River to Sea poppers. Assorted colors.
8 x Rapala Xrap 30 foot divers Assorted colors.
5 x # 9 Troll craft Pelagic. Assorted colors.
3 x Halco Giant Tremblers Purple / black, Pilchard, Gold.
4 x 2m Halco 190 Lazer pro. Gold. Chrome colors.(R11, R15, R19, R21, R1, R3, R7)
4 x Crazy deep Halco 190 Lazer pro.Chrome colors.(R11, R15, R19, R21, R1, R3, R7)
4 x 1m Halco 190 Laser pro. Assorted colors. (R11, R15, R19, R21, R1, R3, R7)
3 x 50gm Raider slices.
3 x 100gm Raider slices.
6 x 250gm Raiders.

Small spool (100m) 100lb mono leader
Small spool (100m) 80lb mono leader
Small spool (30m) 105lb single strand wire leader
Medium brass rings one for each lure bought.
Spare 60 and 80lb braided Gelspun (not fused)
Spare trebles (Owner brand) and extra strong triple wrap split rings.

We will rig and show you how to rig your equipment regardless of style on the trip out and explain the techniques that will see you getting results on day one.

Everyone that comes and insists on doing another way with some other sort of gear ends up loosing lots of quality fish before going the way we know works... and wishing they had done so from day one.

Any enquires or clarification required on tackle don't hesitate to email greg@seafaris.com or call him on (int+61 07 40693254)

PS. Do your self a favor, take notice of these lists. If shopping, believe us rather than tackle store sales persons that will try and sell you something different.
Do not use braided loop connections on fly lines, we will loop terminate your fly lines.

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